If You Love ... Tiny Wings, then you'll dig Dillo Hills on Games.com

Dillo Hills
Dillo Hills

Welcome to a new segment on Games.com that we call "If You Love...," in which we take a look at some great games right here on Games.com that are reminiscent of games found elsewhere. Today, we start with a current addiction called Dillo Hills by FexLabs. Like it's inspiration, this is an endless runner that sees players time mouse clicks to keep momentum going.

In order to keep the pace, it's up to you to tell this little guy when to dive down toward a hill for a smooth slide and when to release to maximize his flight. However, the twist here is that, rather than beating moonlight, you're simply out to keep this armadillo happy. And, like most creatures on Planet Earth, he doesn't like meeting with the ground at ridiculous speeds. Make sure that doesn't happen, and you have one joyful armadillo.

Dillo Hills, like others of its ilk, has that hook that digs deep and sees you saying to yourself, "Just one more round." The adorable graphics, four playable characters, and Zen Mode probably help quite a bit with that. But we'll go ahead and guess that it has more to do with keeping this adorable little fellow smiling. I mean, how can you say "no" to that face?

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