Ex-Taco Bell Employee Jason Earl Dean Gets 10-Year Sentence For Handcuffing Himself To Co-Worker

Ex-Taco Bell employee Jason Earl Dean sentenced.
Sent to Jail For Handcuffing Himself to Female Co-Worker

Lots of grand romantic gestures are illegal, like running through airport security to declare your love, punching someone who dishonors your lady, or standing outside your sweetheart's window, blasting "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel from a boombox.

And one daring display of affection has now landed one lovelorn Georgia 25-year-old in jail for four years, and on probation for another six, reports the Catoosa News. In August 2011, Jason Earl Dean, who worked at a Taco Bell in Ringgold, Ga., handcuffed himself to an 18-year-old co-worker whom he wished to date. Unfortunately, the girl reportedly had zero interest in Dean, had expressed this to him multiple times, and even changed her shifts to avoid him.

After he cuffed them together, the teenager allegedly screamed, and Dean reassured her that he just wanted to talk. Their co-workers called the police, and Dean undid the lock and left the scene. He was arrested two days later on the felony charge of false imprisonment.

But it took almost a year and a half for Dean to get his verdict. "It's a split sentence," Lookout Mountain assistant district attorney Alan Norton told the Catoosa News. "Four years is to be served in the department of corrections, while the remainder is to be served on probation with specific conditions."

As part of his sentencing, Dean is also not allowed to be within handcuffing-distance of his victim again, or make any contact with her or her family.

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