Employers Tell The Weirdest Interview Mistakes They've Seen

strange interview mistakes

If you're job hunting, presumably you know not to stuff into your pocket the candy sitting on the interviewer's desk. And you know that the proper way to greet the president of the company is with a handshake, rather than a hug.

But CareerBuilder recently surveyed 2,600 hiring managers and 3,900 workers about strange interview mistakes they've experienced. And the survey by the job-search site (which is also an AOL Jobs partner) uncovered those mistakes -- and some even weirder ones.

Too Much Information

In some cases, the interview mistakes were in showing the kind of candor that makes others want to run. Such as:
  • A candidate explained that he had to quit his banking job because he always was tempted to steal.
  • A candidate said he didn't like getting up early and he didn't like to read either.
  • A candidate said he didn't want the job if he would have to work a lot.

A Complete Lack Of Manners

In a tough economy, you might think that most job applicants would err on the side of formality, trying very hard to be polite. But according to the survey, some job applicants seemed to go out of their way to offend.
  • A candidate reached over and put a hand on the interviewer's knee.
  • A candidate interrupted the interview to call his wife and ask what was for dinner.

The Mistakes You're Probably Making

According to hiring managers, the most common interview-killers they've seen are:
  • Failure to make eye contact (72 percent).
  • Appearing disinterested (62 percent).
  • Answering a cellphone or text during the interview (60 percent).
  • Talking negatively about a current or former employer (58 percent).
What are the craziest interview mistakes you've seen -- or made?

Worst Three Job Interview Mistakes

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