Watch out, Words With Friends: Ruzzle is the new word game shuzzle

Ruzzle iOS
Ruzzle iOS

A new contender in the battle for App Store ubiquity has arrived. Well, sort of. Ruzzle, which has been available for iPhone and iPad since March 2012, according to Mashable, has enjoyed 12 million downloads as of today. Stockholm, Sweden-based creator MAG Interactive announced the big news via Twitter today, but hasn't shed any light as to why the massive surge in players.

And when you look at what exactly Ruzzle is, this incredible increase in players is even more baffling. At first glance, Ruzzle isn't terribly different from the board game Boggle, or more recently, Scramble With Friends by Zynga (which was released months prior). This is a turn-based word game in which players compete in two-minute rounds to find as many words in the four-by-four grid as possible.

Possibly what differentiates Ruzzle from the rest is it robust stat-tracking tools that let players know how well they're playing by countless measures. Friend-based and general leaderboards let you know just how stack up against the competition. But other than that, we can't explain just yet what makes Ruzzle oust the competition on AppData. Maybe you can tell us:

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