Why Superinvestors Love Corning


In the video below, Fool analyst Austin Smith discusses why some of the world's most savvy investors like Corning .

The Fool's own superinvestor, David Gardner, has recommended Corning in the past, and there still are compelling reasons to be bullish on the company. Corning is a long-tenured company with a history of innovation. While it has endured some weakness recently, Corning has a strong balance sheet, with $5.8 billion in cash, to carry the company through, Austin says.

With its joint agreement with Samsung, Corning effectively controls the market with its glass displays, as well as having a great "in" with a rapidly growing electronics manufacturer.

Given Corning's super-strong and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, the company is also perfectly positioned to ride the mobile and tablet waves. These are fast-growing areas, with still a lot of room to run. To top it off, Corning is trading cheap, at about a third of its historical price-to-book ratio, and it pays a nice dividend.

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