FarmVille 'Mistletoe Lane Chapter 10 Goals' Everything you need to know


Even though many farmers have already jumped into the Enchanted Glen in FarmVille, there's still one final chapter to complete in the Christmas-themed Mistletoe Lane. You'll need to help Zang build a vacation home in Mistletoe Lane through a series of six goals that will only be available for a week. We're here with a complete guide to finishing this goals, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Pets and Party Foods

  • Get 6 Magic Pet Toys

  • Harvest 125 Wax Beans

  • Make Winter Casserole 3 Times

For this Magic Pet Toys task and all others in this goal series that ask you to collect a specific number of ingredients, you'll need to post a general requests to your news feed in order to earn these items. While you're waiting for them to arrive, make sure to have the Wax Beans growing, since they take 16 hours to grow. Finally, the Winter Casserole is prepared inside the Patisserie using two Flint Corn, one Bell Pepper and two Wax Bean Bushels. You'll receive 150 XP, a Madam Mittens cat and 3,000 coins for completing this first goal.

It Takes Ten

  • Get 8 Elfing Hands

  • Harvest 150 Flint Corn

  • Make Potato Latke 3 Times

If you have enough land space to grow the Flint Corn and the Wax Beans at the same time, that's a great strategy as it will save you time in the long run. The Flint Corn takes a full day to grow, while the Potato Latkes can be made in the Patisserie using one Sunflower, one Winter Squash and two Potatornament Bushels. You'll receive 200 XP, an Elf Villa building and 3,500 coins for completing this goal.

Coming Attractions

  • Get 8 Mint Candy Acorns

  • Harvest 150 Choco Mint

  • Make Holiday Nog 3 Times

The Choco Mint takes 16 hours to grow, while the Holiday Nog is a Patisserie recipe that requires a 3-Star shop. It can be created using one Peanut, one Choco Mint and two Winter Grain Bushels. You'll receive 250 XP, a Mint Candy Conifer Tree and 4,000 coins after you finish this goal.

Ring Around the Pony

  • Get 8 Pony Wreaths

  • Harvest 150 Frost Holly

  • Make Gingerbread House 2 Times

The Frost Holly takes a full two days to grow, so, again, if you have the land space available to grow more than one kind of crop at once, you'll definitely want to have this Frost Holly growing before ever reaching this goal. If you do end up planting the Holly late, feel free to make it grow instantly with any stored Insta-Grows you may be saving in your Gift Box. Meanwhile, the Gingerbread House requires a 4-Star Patisserie, and it can be created using three Honey Ginger, two Holiday Cactus and two Red Tulip Bushels. For completing this goal, you'll receive 300 XP, a Festive Elf Pony and 4,500 coins.

Snow Means Silver

  • Get 9 Silverwood Seeds

  • Harvest 175 Cider Apples

  • Make Hollowberry Pie 3 Times

The Cider Apples take 16 hours to grow. While you're waiting on those, you can craft the Hollowberry Pies in the Patisserie. A single batch can be cooked in a 3-Star Patisserie using two Hollowberry, three Jingleberry and three Blueberry Bushels. After you complete this goal, you'll receive 350 XP, a Silverwood Tree, and 5,000 coins.

Cheer to Go!

  • Get 10 Bottled Cheers

  • Harvest 200 Winter Grain

  • Make Snickerdoodle 3 Times

For this final crop task, the Winter Grain takes a full day to grow, so use any methods you can to grow this without waiting. By this point, your week-long time limit has probably ticked down close to zero, so you'll need to save time wherever you can. As for the Snickerdoodles, these treats require one Frost Holly, one Lavender and two Winter Grain Bushels to create inside at least a 4-Star Patisserie. If you can complete this entire goal series within the week given to you, you'll receive 400 XP, a Winter Elf Horse and 5,500 coins. Good luck!

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Do you think you'll be able to finish all of these goals before the time to do so is up? Will you continue to farm and play in Mistletoe Lane after the goals stop coming? Sound off in the comments!