FarmVille 2 Yogurt Creamery: Everything you need to know


Land is hard to come by in FarmVille 2, but if you've got a few extra acres to spare, you can now build the Yogurt Creamery to give your dairy animals much more important status on the farm. The Yogurt Creamery will take advantage of your (hopefully many) goats and cows, as you work to collect a series of 12 yogurts, just like you collect eggs from chickens in the Hen House for prizes.

Before you can ever use the Yogurt Creamery though, you'll need to build it. The first of two building stages see you collecting six Milk Cans, eight Stone Blocks and eight Wood Planks. The Milk Cans are earned by posting general requests to your news feed, while the other two sets of items are earned through individual requests to your neighbors. Finally, you'll need to add four friends to the building as workers to finish it off. These workers are earned through even more individual requests sent directly to friends.

After the Yogurt Creamery has been completed, you can use it only if you have four Adult Cows or Goats on your farm (not Prized Cows or Goats). Feeding these Adult animals results in Milk Droplets added to the Yogurt Creamery. Once the Creamery is full, you can then harvest it for Yogurt. Each time you harvest the Creamery, you'll always receive Plain Yogurt, the only exception being the very first harvest. This first time, you're guaranteed to receive a "Gourmet Yogurt," which comes in three rarities: Uncommon, Rare and Ultra Rare. As for the Plain Yogurt, it can be used as a crafting ingredient to make different Yogurts or overall recipes.

According to Zynga, the Gourmet Yogurts aren't used for crafting. Instead, they will go into a Yogurt Collection. Once you've collected 12 of them, you'll receive a Highland Cow animal that's only available via this event. At any time, you can skip these steps with Farm Bucks to earn the Highland Cow right away. But since this feature is heavily automated, there's no reason to not just let things run their course, so long as you're not too impatient.

This Yogurt Creamery is complex in writing but easier to understand in action. Now, how long before we can craft Greek yogurt?

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Have you already started filled your Yogurt Creamery? How long do you think it will take you to complete this collection and receive the Highland Cow? Sound off in the comments!