FarmVille 2 Rancher's Delight Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


We've already brought you a complete guide to the Rancher's Delight items in the FarmVille 2 marketplace, but if you're more interested in crafting items for profits (who isn't?), you'll also want to check out the new recipes in this theme. There are three new recipes in all, which will each be available for crafting for the next 25 days. Time won't stop while we chit-chat, so let's get started on our guide!

The first recipe is the Peanut Butter Cookie, which uses the free crop, the Peanut. These Peanuts cost 50 coins each to plant and can be harvested after four hours. You'll need a lot of Peanuts, as a single batch of Peanut Butter Cookies requires two Batter and eight Peanuts to create. The Batter itself is a crafting project requiring Wheat and Eggs, and it's worth 290 coins. The final sale price of a Peanut Butter Cookie is 1,890 coins, which is a fair price considering how quickly Peanuts grow.

The next two recipes rely on the two premium trees that are available in this theme, so if you're looking to only spend coins to make coins, you'll need to work on your friends' farms to have a chance to ever create them. Sassafras Rootbeer requires five Sugar and six Sassafras to create. Again, Sassafras comes from the premium Sassafras Tree, which costs 12 Farm Bucks in the store. If you don't want to invest the Bucks yourself, but your friends do, you can tend these trees on your friends' farms in the hope of randomly receiving Sassafras when you do. The Sugar can be earned by sending out requests to your neighbors for help, and a single serving of Sassafras Rootbeer can be sold for 1,970 coins. That's not even 100 coins more than the Peanut Butter Cookie, which can be made for free, so the low selling price is definitely something to keep in mind.

The final recipe is the Cashew Crunch Bar, which can be created with three Sticks of Butter and eight Cashew Nuts. The Sticks of Butter are created with Milk, which can be earned from dairy animals like Cows. Like the Sassafras Tree, the Cashew Tree costs 12 Farm Bucks to purchase, so you'll need to hope for the best when tending your friends' Cashew Trees if you don't want to lay down the Farm Bucks to purchase one yourself. Either way, if you do end up making a Cashew Crunch Bar, you'll be able to sell it for 2,140 coins.

Remember, while these recipes will be available for the next 25 days, the resources themselves (the Peanuts and Trees) will only be available to purchase for 18 more days. If you're looking to stock up on coins via those Peanut Butter Cookies, plant as many as you can, as fast as you can, before they expire!

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Will you spend Farm Bucks on either of these premium trees, or will you just grow Peanuts to make the cookies instead? Sound off in the comments!