ChefVille 'The Breakfast Bar' Quests: Everything you need to know


I hope you earned all of the New Year's Ribbons in ChefVille's Healthy Eating event, as that event has now expired. In its place, we've seen the launch of another set of New Year's Ribbons and an entirely new event surrounding the most important meal of the day: Breakfast. If you've noticed Blueberry bushes popping up on your land, these Blueberries will now be given purpose, as we're here with a complete guide to the Breakfast Bar quests and ribbons. Let's get started!

A Bar for Breakfast

  • Place and Build the Breakfast Bar

  • Serve 6 Blueberry Jam and Toast

  • Have 5 Ribbons

The Breakfast Bar can be placed for 2,000 coins when you start this event. It takes three clicks to unwrap and 16 parts to build. You'll earn eight Minty Toothpaste by posting general news posts on your wall, while eight Regal Robes can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Once you complete the Breakfast Bar, you'll be able to cook the Blueberry Jam using three Bread and four Blueberries each. Blueberries can be earned by tending Blueberry Bushes on your own land or in your friends' games, and a single batch takes two minutes to cook.

You'll earn one Mastery Ribbon in the process of cooking this Blueberry Jam and Toast, but the rest of the Ribbons will be up to you to earn through your own effort. You can cook the following dishes in your Breakfast Bar:

Egg White Frittata (1 Hour): 5 Tomatoes, 1 Pepper, 1 Egg Whites (not available as of this writing)
Tofu Scramble (1 Hour): 4 Tofu, 3 Onions, 2 Pepper
Oatmeal with Berries (6 Hours): 1 Milk, 6 Oatmeal, 2 Blueberries
Egg White Turkey Scramble (6 Hours): 4 Turkey, 2 Salt, 2 Egg Whites

Once you add in the Blueberry Jam and Toast, you have five recipes in the Basic cooking level, with only three being readily

available for cooking right now. Feel free to keep cooking the Toast dish to earn its three Mastery Ribbons, and then add in a couple of Tofu Scrambles if you happen to have the ingredients on hand. When you finally finish this quest, you'll receive two Tofu, 15 XP and 10 coins.

Morning Milk

  • Cook Oatmeal with Berries 2 Times

  • Tend Milk Trucks in Neighbors' Restaurants 6 Times

  • Have 10 Ribbons

The Oatmeal with Berries can be cooked inside the Breakfast Bar using one Milk, six Oatmeal and two Blueberries per batch. It takes six hours to prepare, and if you've already earned your first Ribbon for this dish for another quest, you'll only need to cook it these two times to earn the second Ribbon. Again, for the Ribbons task, you'll need to repeatedly cook the dishes within the Breakfast Bar, as earning Ribbons via the Healthy Eating Station doesn't count for this overall event.
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Were you able to earn all of the New Year's Ribbons in the Healthy Eating event? Will you try to earn all of the Ribbons in this event, or are the prizes simply not worth it to you? Sound off in the comments!