Whom To Follow On Twitter For Your Job Search In 2013

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When it comes to career advice offered on Twitter, there's no shortage of so-called experts. So whom do you turn to? AOL Jobs has compiled this list of the 13 best job experts who routinely dispense insights into landing a job or a new career through Twitter, the popular microblogging social media network.

The list includes some regular contributors to AOL Jobs, but others are likely new to our regular readers. Check out the list below and tell us what you think. Have others you'd liked to share? Tell us about them -- with a tweet! -- on the AOL Jobs page at Twitter.com.


When it comes to dispensing career advice, few experts wear as many hats as Alexandra Levit. An author, speaker, columnist and consultant, Levit's advice is particularly geared toward women, though anyone who follows her will find something useful. Money magazine named her the Best Online Career Expert in its 2010 rankings.

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