Get the Best Prices, Period: 10 Must-Have Tools for Every Shopper


There are few things more frustrating than making a purchase, then discovering afterward that you spent more than you needed to. The other day, I bought a TV at Best Buy (BBY), and when I went to clean off the top of my dresser to make space for it, I discovered a Best Buy gift card.

But avoiding buyer's remorse isn't as simple as organizing your clutter to make sure you haven't misplaced old gift cards. You need to make sure you're buying from the retailer with the lowest price, which means comparison shopping at dozens of online and offline merchants. You'll also want to find any hidden savings opportunities in the form of coupons and coupon codes. And ideally, you'd like to protect yourself against the possibility of the item's price dropping right after you buy it.

The good news is that there are plenty of tools out there that can help ensure that you get the lowest possible price on the item you've decided to buy, from barcode-scanning smartphone apps to browser extensions that automatically search for lower prices and coupon codes. Here are a some of the must-have tools for ensuring you get the best price.


Savings Experiment: Coupon Clipping
Savings Experiment: Coupon Clipping

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