Don't expect to see these five Zynga games on in 2013

Sad Cow
Sad Cow

If you've been holding your breath for when Pioneer Trail finally lands on, you better exhale. In an interesting Q&A, Zynga answered a number of pressing questions posed by its fans. Of course, the most notable of which is "When is 'Game X' coming to" Well, at the very least Zynga revealed which games aren't slated for the platform this year:

While the only thing we can say about what's coming is that we are very excited, we can caution you to not expect the following titles to become playable on in 2013:

Discontinued Games:

Zynga cited "advanced technical issues" as a reason for why these games have yet to hit the platform. But it's also worth pointing out that these five games are currently some of Zynga's worst performers in terms of player numbers. What that says for these games' fate on Facebook isn't clear, but it better explains their absence on

However, the fact that Zynga won't invest the resources to bring these games to what's likely one its most high-profile projects for 2013 doesn't instill much faith. Not to mention that the company is working on a system for that lets players play without a Facebook log-in. The sky's not falling yet, folks, but damn does it look shaky.

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