XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Windows) Cheats, Tips and Trainers

XCOM Enemy Unknown Cheats Tips
XCOM Enemy Unknown Cheats Tips

The revival of '90s hit strategy series XCOM has received many Game of the Year nods, namely because (when played in modes like Iron Man) it somehow maintains the challenge of the original while cutting the fat for modern gamers. That's right, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is not much easier than it was way back when, but nothing is too daunting a challenge with cheats.

And whaddya know, Cheat Happens just so happens to have a library of XCOM cheats, codes, trainers and game editors to make that learning curve a little less steep. The latest trainer (compatible with the most recent patch for the Windows version) offers players all sorts of boosts and perks, like extra shredder rockets, stat modifiers, extra staff members and more. Also, it's 100 percent compatible with the Steam version as well. And to get you started, here are a few cheat codes:

Hidden Heroes
Change the Name of a Hero to one of the following. This can be done from Barracks under "View Soldiers," clicking a Soldier, then going to customize. It can also be done from the customize menu on the deploy screen. Note, using one of these heroes will disable achievements.

  • Joe Kelly -- Unlock Joe Kelly - Heavy

  • Ken Levine -- Unlock Ken Levine - Sniper

  • Otto Zander -- Unlock Otto Zander - Assault

  • Sid Meier -- Unlock Sid Meier- Support

Cheat Happens
Cheat Happens