FarmVille Enchanted Glen Enchantment Shop: Everything you need to know


As with many of FarmVille's recent expansions, the new fairy-themed Enchanted Glen comes with a workshop that will allow you to create new animals over time. This newest building is called the Enchantment Shop, and it comes in the form of a large tree that's only half complete when you first arrive.

You'll need to collect 10 Sun Light Ropes, 10 Moon Gems, and 10 Armillary Spheres to finish off the Enchantment Shop, with each item being earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help. You can also purchase these items with Farm Cash, or earn them from friends' news posts that they share extras on their walls. When you finish it off, you'll be able to collect a variety of colors of Pixie Dust, with each animal requiring a different combination of Dust colors and quantities.

For instance, the first animal is the Fay Sheep, and it requires four White Pixie Dust to create. You'll receive White Pixie Dust for free when completing the building of the Enchantment Shop, and you'll also receive Pixie Dust each time you collect from the Shop into the future. The more variety of animals the Shop contains, the greater variety of Pixie Dust you can earn. For the record, the second animal is the Silver Rhino, which requires five White Pixie Dust to create.

From there, the requirements become harder, as you'll need two White Pixie Dust and four Yellow Pixie Dust to receive your next animal. So long as you repeatedly collect from the Enchantment Shop and remember to claim items from friends, you should eventually be able to make them all, even if it takes quite a while to do. Good luck!

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Have you already completed your Enchantment Shop or are you still waiting for building materials to arrive from friends? What do you think of the animals available to create inside this "workshop?" Let us know in the comments!