FarmVille 2 Rancher's Delight Items: Everything you need to know


With the holiday season officially behind us, it's time to move on to more "normal" content in FarmVille 2, and that begins with a set of Rancher's Delight items in the store. This new theme is represented by a tan color theme in the store, and it comes with new crops, animals and more that will be available to purchase for the next 19 days. We're here with a complete look at these new items, so let's get started!



  • Costs: 50 coins per square

  • Harvest time: 4 hours

  • Can be sold for: 74 coins each

  • Can be turned into: 3 Animal Feed

  • XP Gained: 3


Cashew Tree - 12 Farm Bucks

  • Harvest time: 16 hours

  • Cashew Nuts can be sold for 85 coins each

  • Cashew Nuts can be turned into 4 Animal Feed each

  • XP gained: 4

Sassafras Tree - 12 Farm Bucks

  • Harvest time: 4 hours

  • Sassafras can be sold for 80 coins each

  • Sassafras can be turned into 1 Animal Feed each

  • XP gained: 3


Angora Goat - 44 Farm Bucks
Baby Angora Goat - 25 Farm Bucks
Dexter Cow - 57 Farm Bucks
Baby Dexter Cow - 31 Farm Bucks
Guernsey Cow - 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Guernsey Cow - 30 Farm Bucks
Thoroughbred Horse - 47 Farm Bucks

Baby Thoroughbred Horse - 30 Farm Bucks


Horse Blanket Rack in Rose - 8 Farm Bucks
Horse Blanket Rack in Tan - 8 Farm Bucks
Old McSwiney Scarecrow - 14 Farm Bucks
Horse Ranch Gate - 3,200 coins
Horseshoe Anvil - 10 Farm Bucks
Moss Log Cabin Deluxe - 44 Farm Bucks
Moss Log Cabin Economy - 28 Farm Bucks
Rose Log Cabin Deluxe - 48 Farm Bucks
Rose Log Cabin Economy - 32 Farm Bucks
Saddle and Hitching Post - 4 Farm Bucks

Smokey Log Cabin Deluxe - 46 Farm Bucks
Smokey Log Cabin Economy - 30 Farm Bucks

Remember, all of these items will eventually vanish from the store, and there's no guarantee that they'll ever be available again. If you have any interest in purchasing them, make sure you do so fast before they're gone for good.

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What do you think of these Rancher's Delight items? Will you spend Farm Bucks on any of them, or will you just purchase the items that go for coins? Sound off in the comments!