's Best Social Game of 2012 Readers' Choice: The winner is...

Dungeon Rampage
Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage by Rebel Entertainment! In the heated battle for votes between CityVille 2 by Zynga and--according to our readers--the hottest RPG on Facebook of 2012, the latter came out on top by an impressive 8,000 votes. The match was close for the better part of the week until Rebel rallied its fervent fan base to bring the win home.

But let's not forget that CityVille 2 was no doubt a worthy competitor. Regardless of what some editors might think, the sequel to the most popular city-builder on Facebook makes the franchise a far more lively and nuanced experience than ever. However, there is only one winner to this competition, Dungeon Rampage.

Rebel Entertainment has proved that, yes, the action-packed, fantastical loot fests that we grew up on with our buds (in real time) are possible on Facebook. Here's to Dungeon Rampage, and the rest of this year's contestants, thriving through 2013 and beyond.

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