Why I Loaded Up on priceline.com


In the video below, Fool analysts Jeremy Phillips and Austin Smith talk about what makes priceline.com a buy.

Jeremy bought shares of Priceline after the stock was recommended by The Motley Fool's Supernova service.

With Priceline and Expedia combining to do more than $50 billion in sales last year, the Internet travel market is much larger than most investors realize, Jeremy says. Priceline is an international play, now doing about three-quarters of its business outside the U.S. and positioning itself very well to become the worldwide leader in travel. The stock has had an incredible run since The Motley Fool first recommended it, and Jeremy missed out on most of that, he says. But he feels very good about the company moving forward.

The stock has come down from about $770 to about $608, leaving it selling at about 30 times earnings. But the company is still growing its revenue at about 40% per year, making it a bargain compared to its competitors, says Austin.

While it still has room left to run, Priceline has soared 2,472.88% since Motley Fool superinvestor David Gardner recommended it in May of 2004. David specializes in identifying game-changing companies like Priceline long before others are keen to their disruptive potential. He helps like-minded investors profit while Wall Street catches up. I invite you to learn more about how he picks his winners with a free, personal tour of his flagship service: Supernova. Inside you'll discover the science behind his market trouncing returns. Just click here now for instant access.

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