Quick Hit Football maker Majesco Boston closes its doors [Report]

Legends of Loot
Legends of Loot

One of Majesco's social gaming arms has been reportedly chopped off. Polygon reports, citing since-deleted Facebook posts of former employees, that Majesco Boston is no more. Majesco Entertainment created its Foxboro, Mass.-based studio when it bought Quick Hit, the creator of Quick Hit Football on Facebook.

The studio's 12 employees, led by exec Jeffrey Anderson (formerly CEO of The Lord of the Rings Online maker Turbine) as senior VP of social games at Majesco, went on to release mobile social RPG Legends of Loot for iOS and Android in October 2012 as well as Sci-Fi Heroes under the Majesco Boston moniker.

According to Gamezebo, neither of those games performed too well, which may have to contributed to this reported shut down. It's always a shame to see a studio go, but not terribly surprising to see given the current climate of social gaming in which publishers seem far less hesitant to make tough decisions such as this. We've reached out to Masjeco for comment.

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