FarmVille Enchanted Glen Rivermist Fortress: Everything you need to know


As you start making progress in FarmVille's new Enchanted Glen expansion, you'll quickly notice that the game comes with not one, but two large building projects that sit on the outside of your farm's boundaries. While the first is the bright Home Mushroom, the other is a darker item: Rivermist Fortress. While the Home Mushroom and Rivermist Fortress are built through the same sorts of features, the two projects require entirely different ingredients, so we're here with a look at how you can build Rivermist Fortress on your own new farm.

Rivermist Fortress will start at Level 0, and you can then upgrade it through five upgrade stages. This is less stages than provided in the Home Mushroom feature, but we're definitely not complaining. Each stage requires three different building materials in bulk, with items being earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to your neighbors. Here's a full breakdown of the requirements for each stage, thanks to Zynga.

Stage 1:

  • 3 Mithril Ore

  • 3 Warpstone

  • 3 Star Rock

Stage 2:

  • 6 Mithril Ore

  • 4 Warpstone

  • 6 Star Rock

Stage 3:

  • 12 Mithril Ore

  • 8 Warpstone

  • 12 Star Rock

Stage 4:

  • 16 Mithril Ore

  • 10 Warpstone

  • 16 Star Rock

Stage 5:

  • 20 Mithril Ore

  • 12 Warpstone

  • 20 Star Rock

As with the Home Mushroom, the Rivermist Fortress will change in shape and appearance as you continue to build it, and your pool of potential rewards will also become larger along the way. Each day you collect from the Fortress, you'll have a chance of winning Enchanted Glen crop bushels, building materials for the Rivermist Fortress or even Home Mushroom, or even something different. Since it's likely that you'll need to complete this entire feature to eventually "beat' Enchanted Glen and unlock a free storage transfer license between farms, you'll want to start working on this one as soon as you can. Good luck!

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What do you think of these two building projects in Enchanted Glen? Have you already started working on either of these building projects, or are you waiting for free access to Enchanted Glen to roll out first? Sound off in the comments!