FarmVille Enchanted Glen Home Mushroom: Everything you need to know


We've known for a short time now that Zynga was onto something new in FarmVille, as a slew of fairy-themed images started popping up that seemed to fit into something larger than a simply item theme in the store. Now that Enchanted Glen has officially rolled out for early access purchases, farmers can invest 45 Farm Cash to access this new and colorful land in the forest. Once there, you'll find not one, but two major building projects similar to the Train Station of Winter Wonderland or the Holiday Square of Mistletoe Lane. The first of these building projects is the Home Mushroom, and we're here with a complete guide to building it, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

The Home Mushroom will be ready for collection when you arrive in Enchanted Glen, so go ahead and do that to get started. After you've collected your first (of many) prizes from the Home Mushroom, you can start to upgrade the mushroom through nine stages of upgrades. Each stage requires more building materials than the one before, with parts being earned through a combination of general news posts and individual requests sent to your friends. Here's the complete breakdown.

Stage 1:

  • 3 Magic Maple

  • 3 Rain Drops

  • 3 Fairy Dust

Stage 2:

  • 6 Magic Maple

  • 4 Rain Drops

  • 6 Fairy Dust

Stage 3:

  • 12 Magic Maple

  • 8 Rain Drops

  • 12 Fairy Dust

Stage 4:

  • 16 Magic Maple

  • 10 Rain Drops

  • 16 Fairy Dust

Stage 5:

  • 20 Magic Maple

  • 12 Rain Drops

  • 20 Fairy Dust

Stage 6:

  • 25 Magic Maple

  • 14 Rain Drops

  • 25 Fairy Dust

Stage 7:

  • 30 Magic Maple

  • 18 Rain Drops

  • 30 Fairy Dust

Stage 8:

  • 40 Magic Maple

  • 20 Rain Drops

  • 40 Fairy Dust

Stage 9:

  • 50 Magic Maple

  • 22 Rain Drops

  • 50 Fairy Dust

With each stage, the Home Mushroom will become larger, and the prizes you'll receive from it everyday will change. You might receive Bushels for Enchanted Glen's new crops, building materials to continue upgrading the Home Mushroom, or something altogether different. Unfortunately, the materials to building the Home Mushroom aren't available in Special Delivery Boxes, so you really will need to ask your friends for these items for the foreseeable future. Good luck building your own Home Mushroom!

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Are you excited to dive into this forest world of Enchanted Glen in FarmVille? Will you pay for access to Enchanted Glen, or will you wait for it to roll out for free? Sound off in the comments!