FarmVille Enchanted Glen Fairy Kitchen: Everything you need to know


As soon as you arrive in Enchanted Glen in FarmVille, you'll find a crafting recipe waiting to be collected inside your Fairy Kitchen, the game's newest crafting building. The free batch of Midsummer Tea can be used to earn some fuel for your farm, but the real attraction is the variety of recipes that are available for crafting within the building itself.

As with other FarmVille crafting buildings, your Fairy Kitchen will start at Level 1 (or 1-Star) and you'll then be able to upgrade up to Level 5 (or 5-Star) by repeatedly cooking the dishes that unlock over time. To start, you'll have just three dishes available for crafting, but we're here with a look at the overall roundup of recipes from Level 1 onward.

1-Star Recipes

Rose Cake: 3 Butterfly Rose, 3 Dream Cotton, 3 Red Tulip Bushels

Midsummer Tea: 4 Elfin Tea, 3 Gossamer Ivy, 2 Lilac Bushels

Dream Cookie: 3 Dream Cotton, 3 Dark Dahlia, 3 Wheat Bushels

2-Star Recipes

Gossamer Pie: 4 Gossamer Ivy, 2 Fairy Foxglove, 3 Raspberry Bushels

Foxglove Turnover: 3 Fairy Foxglove, 3 Butterfly Rose, 3 Rye Bushels

Boggart Bread: 2 Boggart Bulb, 5 Honey Melon, 3 Rhubarb Bushels

Stay tuned for more, as we'll update this space as we learn the recipes for Stars 3-5 of this Fairy Kitchen.

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