FarmVille 'Enchanted Glen Chapter 1' Goals: Everything you need to know

If you're one of the many farmers that's ready to throw down 45 Farm Cash for early access to FarmVille's Enchanted Glen expansion, you'll find a set of six exclusive goals waiting for you when you arrive. These goals make up Chapter 1 of the Enchanted Glen storyline, and they'll be available to complete only for a period of seven days. We're here with a guide on completing these goals on your newest farm, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

You're Fairy Welcome
  • Get 6 Fairy Acorns
  • Harvest 20 Elfin Tea
  • Harvest 2 Home Mushrooms

For this Fairy Acorns task and all others that ask you to "get" a certain number of a collectible item, you'll need to ask your friends for these items via a general news post on your wall. Meanwhile, the Home Mushroom is one of two new building projects in the Enchanted Glen farm, and it's available for collection once every day. The Home Mushroom will be available for collection as soon as you arrive in the farm, but if you don't want to wait another day to harvest it a second time, you can spend three Farm Cash to speed it up to "ready" status again. If you do decide to wait, you can spend that time planting the Elfin Tea, which takes just four hours to grow. You'll receive 150 XP, a Sky Kitten, 10 FP (Enchanted Glen's experience points), two Magic Maple building ingredients and 3,000 coins.

Rock Solid
  • Get 8 Stones
  • Harvest 20 Gossamer Ivy
  • Harvest Sky Kitten

The Sky Kitten should be placed inside an animal storage building if you have one available on your new farm. Otherwise, make sure that the Sky Kitten is out and working on becoming "ready" on its own. Either way, the Gossamer Ivy can be planted for 40 coins per square, and it will be ready to harvest after eight hours. You'll receive 200 XP, a Lantern Gazebo, 20 FP, two Rain Drops and 3,500 coins for completing this goal.

Traveling Petaler
  • Get 9 Fairy Petals
  • Harvest 30 Dream Cotton
  • Make Midsummer Tea 2 Times

The Dream Cotton takes 12 hours to grow, so feel free to plant this new crop while still working on one of the two goals above to save time. As for the Midsummer Tea, this dish is available in the new Fairy Kitchen crafting building in Enchanted Glen. It requires four Elfin Tea, three Gossamer Ivy, and two Lilac Bushels to craft. Your starter Fairy Kitchen can cook two dishes at once, so make sure you have both of these going at the same time to speed up your progress in the long run. You'll receive 250 XP, a Guardian Tree, 30 FP, two Fairy Dust and 4,000 coins for completing this goal.

Twilly Twigs
  • Get 8 Fairy Twigs
  • Harvest 40 Dark Dahlia
  • Harvest Sky Kitten 2 Times

By this point, I hope you've built that animal storage building for the Sky Kitten, since it will help you harvest this animal easier over time. This is especially true if you have more than one building, since you can move the Kitten around to harvest it more than once in a matter of minutes (or at least hours, rather than days). For the Dark Dahlia, this crop takes 12 hours to grow. You'll receive 300 XP, a Fairy Tale Book, 40 FP, two Magic Maple and 4,500 coins for completing this goal.Drop It
  • Get 9 Water Drops
  • Harvest 50 Butterfly Roses
  • Make 2 Dream Cookies

The Butterfly Roses take 16 hours to grow, so if you have the land space to grow these flowers ahead of time, it can definitely help you save time in the long run. Meanwhile, the Dream Cookies are prepared over in the Fairy Kitchen using three Dream Cotton, three Dark Dahlia and three Wheat Bushels each. Completing this goal gives you 350 XP, a Red Rose Tree, 50 P, two Rain Drops, and 5,000 coins.

Blown Away
  • Get 10 Wind
  • Harvest 60 Ambrosia Tulips
  • Make 2 Red Rose Cakes

The Ambrosia Tulips take a full day to grow, so again, make sure you're planning for these lengthy growth times by planting more than one crop at once, or by simply using an Instant Grow potion that you might have stored in your inventory. Finally, the Red Rose Cakes are prepared in the Fairy Kitchen using three Butterfly Rose, three Dream Cotton, and three Red Tulip Bushels. If you can finish this entire goal series in the week provided, you'll receive 400 XP, a Zephyr Horse, 60 FP, two Fairy Dust and 5,500 coins for completing this final goal.

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