ChefVille 'Expert Sushi Master' Quests: Everything you need to know


If you're been desperately eyeing the Japanese Fish Market expansion in ChefVille, and just can't wait to unlock it for your own restaurant, you're in luck! The "Expert" set of dishes for the Sushi Master Station is now available, behind one final upgrade and set of quests called "Expert Sushi Master." We're here with a guide to this upgrade and quests to get you started, so let's go!

Extra Advanced Sushi

  • Upgrade Sushi Master Station to Expert

  • Give Chef's Service with Tuna Sashimi 3 Times

  • Collect from the Blue Crab Trap 4 Times

A single Blue Crab Trap can be collected from once every 30 minutes, so while you're waiting for it to recharge, you can work on the Sushi Master Station upgrade. The Expert upgrade requires a series of Masks, with each relating to a word or phrase. You'll need seven "Take Work Seriously" masks, four "Always Improve Skills" masks, five "Cleanliness" masks, four "Impatience" masks, and six "Passion for Sushi" masks to complete the upgrade. The "Always Improve Skills" and "Impatience" masks can be earned via general news posts placed on your wall, while the rest must be earned by sending out individual requests to friends.

Once you complete the upgrade, you'll be able to cook the Tuna Sashimi using four Tuna, two Onions and two Wasabi. Wasabi can be prepared in the Rinser using one Wasabi Root and one Water each. A single batch of Wasabi takes just 30 seconds. The fish itself takes just two minutes to cook, so make sure to stick around in the game long enough to serve it from the Sushi Master Station, and then serve it to at least three guests. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive two Wasabi, two Avocadoes, and 10 XP.

There's currently a bug in the game that stops you from opening the second quest while playing ChefVille on, but if you play over on Facebook, you'll be able to move on.

Sushi With a Kick

  • Buy and Finish the Wasabi Garden

  • Craft 2 Wasabi

  • Ask for 10 Japanese Lanterns

The Japanese Lanterns can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests. As for the Wasabi Garden, this long, narrow item costs 2,500 coins to purchase in the store. It requires three energy to unwrap, and then 15 building materials to finish. You'll need six Bamboo Stakes and six Ancient Stones, with these items being earned through individual requests sent to neighbors. You'll also need three Wasabi Seeds, which are earned via a general news post on your wall.

These quests don't have a time limit, but the associated "Best of Sushi" quests do, so make sure to work on everything as fast as you can to earn your rewards!

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