3 More Great Dividends You Forgot About


In this video, Motley Fool Analyst Austin Smith talks about three high-yielding stocks that could be great in the long run, Hershey's , Heinz , and B&G Foods , which have been extremely attractive as far as the dividend is concerned.

Austin shares reasons as to why he would recommend investing in the aforementioned companies. He points out that these companies are more insulated than other consumer goods brands. All the three consumer goods companies heavily work on brand profiles.

Austin is extremely hopeful about the prospects of these consumer goods companies, and believes that they have a long way to go. All this is reflected in their impressive profitability margins. As a parting message, he again stresses the rewarding dividends of these stocks, which will please long term investors.

These boring companies have crushed the market for years, much the same way that David Gardner has. He's a patient investor, and uses that discipline to buy and hold great companies for the long run as they grow into their potential, and handsomely reward shareholders on the way up. Austin invites you to learn more about how David picks his winners with a free, personal tour of his flagship service, Supernova. Inside, you'll discover the science behind his market-trouncing returns. Just click here now for instant access.

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