Swipe and fling the King through obstacles in Swing King on iOS


Physics puzzle games are still all the rage on iOS, so it makes sense that Zoink! and Chillingo's newest game would fall into that genre. In Swing King, players are challenged to complete 92 puzzles and boss fights as they use tap and swipe controls to send a bouncing, rubbery King into and around obstacles.

Swing King looks to be similar to Angry Birds in terms of the controls, as you can pull back on the King to see a trajectory line and then let go to send him flying. His hand stick like glue to nearby surfaces, so the challenge comes in making him connect to the right objects in each stage to create a path for himself to the other end, while taking a break to collect stars along the way. Of course, stars may not always be in the most convenient of locations, so you can retry levels if you fail to collect a star, or simply make a mistake somewhere in the middle.


Swing King isn't a free app, but its $0.99 price tag might be a small price to pay for so much content. We'll have a complete review of Swing King in the coming days, but for now, check out the screenshots above or the trailer below for more info, and feel free to download the game for yourself on iTunes.

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Have you tried Swing King or any other similar physics puzzle games? What do you think of Chillingo's newest offering? Sound off in the comments!