Ex-Angry Birds devs rocket onto iOS with Noble Nutlings


After leaving Angry Birds creator Rovio, three former developers have combined to form their own new studio called Boomlagoon, and the first product of their efforts will launch on iTunes later this month: Noble Nutlings. The game looks a lot like Bad Piggies, which makes sense, since Bad Piggies is also a Rovio title.

Noble Nutlings will see you building a cart from a wide variety of ingredients, including wheels, rockets, poles, and even food items, that will (hopefully) hold three zany squirrels as as they drive and sometimes fly from one side of the screen to the other. Like in games like Tiny Wings, Noble Nutlings relies heavily on physics, as your cart will need the right ingredients to have enough momentum to make it to the finish line. You'll also be able to go after acorns, but only if your vehicle is strong enough to actually track them down.

Noble Nutlings will launch on iTunes on January 10, and we'll have a complete review of the game for you then. For now, check out the trailer below for a sneak peek of what to expect.

Are you excited to try Noble Nutlings on iOS? What do you think of similar games like Bad Piggies? Sound off in the comments!