CastleVille Rideable Mounts: Everything you need to know


As our Kingdoms grow larger and larger in CastleVille, it obviously takes longer to get around. Since walking is so last year, why not start the new year with a treat for your avatar in the form of a rideable horse? Similar to the horses in Pioneer Trail, your avatars in CastleVille will ride these horses and will then be able to move faster around the land because of them. Of course, this sort of convenience doesn't come cheap, but there are four different types of mounts that you can currently purchase in the store.

Dragon Mount - 240 Crowns
Jousting Horse - 270 Crowns
Princess Horse - 300 Crowns
Trusty Brown Steed - 200 Crowns

Like we said, these horses are definitely hard on the virtual wallet, but you unfortunately don't have a lot of time to decide whether you'd actually like to purchase one. According to a banner at the top of the gameplay area, these mounts will only be available through Monday, January 7, so you'll need to pay up fast if you're at all interested in allowing your avatar to ride on a horse.

If anything, we can take these mounts as a sign of things to come, as more horses are likely be to released in the future. Hopefully, that includes a horse that can be purchased either for coins or that's given away via a quest series, and we'll make sure to let you know if either of those come to be.

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Will you purchase a mount for your avatar in CastleVille, or is the extra movement speed not worth such a high Crown cost? Sound off in the comments!