Bake Shop Drop is a pastry puzzler with personality on Facebook


Puzzle game fans have a new option to sink their teeth into on Facebook, as Broken Bulb Studios has released Bake Shop Drop, a food-themed match three game with a twist. In Bake Shop Drop, the object of the game is to stop baked goods from reaching the top of the screen by making matches of three or more like baked goods at the bottom.

Instead of filling the board with pastries right from the beginning, you'll start with just a couple of rows, with more rising from the bottom after every four moves. In this way, you can take as much time as you want to plan your next move, since the game only becomes harder as you continue to make moves, rather than relying on the passing of time. While you're free to make traditional matches, horizontally or vertically, Bake Shop Drop supports diagonal matches as well. So long as the three (or more) like pastries are touching in some fashion, including at their corners, they'll disappear from the board when matched, adding points to your overall total.


Combos will clear out even more of the screen at once, but eventually, at least one column on the board will become full of pastries and you'll need to start again. Bake Shop Drop allows you to compare your scores to friends via a weekly leaderboard, and power-ups pastries provide even higher boosts to your score than normal. Star pastries, for instance, will destroy all like-pastries on the board, while bomb pastries will destroy a square of eight pastries surrounding it. Eventually, you'll unlock the use of Golden Tickets for even better power-ups, like one that allows you to purchase specific pastries if you'd like to create a combo manually.

Bake Shop Drop is overall a deceptively simple puzzle game that becomes addictive quickly. Each of the pastries has a face and personality, and it's simply entertaining to watch them all react to your movements over time. If we have a complaint about the game, it's that it requires a very wide browser window in order to display the entire board at once, so it's hard to have the game open while another window is also open on your desktop. Still, that's a small price to pay for a cute little puzzle game like this.

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