FarmVille NYC Items: Everything you need to know


Zynga seems to have fallen in love with abbreviations lately, as FarmVille has seen the release of not only new NYE items for New Year's Eve, but now NYC items in honor of New York City. If you're ready to add a taste of the Big Apple to your farms, we're here with a complete look at the new items that are available in this theme! Let's get started!


Liz's Lemon Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Rockerfeller Statue - 8 Farm Cash
Liberty Torch Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Pizza Pie Tree - 12 Farm Cash


NYPD Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Rockette Ostrich - 14 Farm Cash
Meow Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Boho Chic Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash
Wall Street Bull - 20 Farm Cash
Beatnik Sheep - 16 Farm Cash


Duck Shoe Shine Stand - 10 Farm Cash
Empire State - 15 Farm Cash
Rockette Gnomes - 12 Farm Cash
Midtown Lights - 5 Farm Cash
Rockfeller Angels - 2 Farm Cash
Big Apple Fence - 100,000 coins
Washing Sq. Arch - 50,000 coins

These items will only be available for two weeks, and we'll make sure to let you know if any other items join them in the future. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of these NYC items in the FarmVille marketplace? Are there any other specific cities you'd like to see item themes based on? Sound off in the comments!