Ride the waves in Chillingo's newest endless runner Catch the Ark


Endless runners come and go, but in Chillingo and PlaySide's new offering Catch the Ark, you won't be running from traditional monsters; instead, you'll be riding towards Noah's massive ark before the flood can wash away the land. Starring three unique critters, Titan, Boom and Zuzu, Catch the Ark will see players riding the waves on a fragile raft as they avoid rocks, crocodiles and more, picking up power-ups along the way.


Coins offer something to aim for along the way, while power-ups will give players the chance to speed forward at amazing speeds, hover above the water for a short time, and even bite the crocodiles before they can bite back! At the end of each race, coins can be used to purchase upgrades for the raft and instant power-ups, and Facebook integration allows you to compare your scores with those of your friends via an in-game leaderboard.

While Catch the Ark isn't free, interested players can start riding the waves right now on iPhone and iPad for $0.99. We'll have a complete look at the game at a later date, and will make sure to let you know if this is one dollar well spent. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the game below.

Click here to download Catch the Ark on iTunes >

Have you tried Catch the Ark? What do you think of the Chillingo's newest endless runner? Sound off in the comments!