3 Stocks for Serious Investors Only


We enjoy making light of Wall Street's antics and conflicting agendas, but investing is still serious business that can have a profound impact on your well being. That's why when the rubber meets the road and the Fool's Austin Smith is looking to invest his own money for big gains, he first goes to our own resident superinvestor, David Gardner, to see what he's been recommending.

David's picks aren't for the light of heart. They're typically more volatile than your average blue chip, but investors who took a long view and stuck with him have been handsomely rewarded.

Three companies in David's universe of disruptive stocks with huge upside potential are Baidu , Chipotle and Netflix

With Baidu you're buying into a company that quite literally is the Google of China. Yet, despite huge upside left and growth rates that would make Google blush, both companies trade for similar multiples. Chipotle and Netflix have been on a wild ride and have fallen hard recently, but both still have growth opportunities that seem masked by recent weakness. If anything, the recent drops have made great entry points for Foolish, long-term investors.

David specializes in identifying game-changing companies like these this long before Wall Street is on to their disruptive potential. Learn more about how he picks his winners with a free, personal tour of his flagship service, Supernova. Inside you'll discover the science behind his market-trouncing returns. Just click here now for instant access.

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