How To Turn Your New Year's Career Resolutions Into Reality [VIDEO]

Jobs tips on resolutions for your career in 2013. Lunchtime Live: New Year, New Career Goals

If you follow through on all your new year's resolutions, you might never have to make any the following year. But of course, it never really works out that way.

How can you make sure you will actually turn some of your plans into reality?

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It's a question that hangs over everyone's head. But when it comes to actually following through on your resolutions in your career or at your office, AOL Jobs contributor and San Francisco-based careers coach Marty Nemko (as seen in video above) said workers simply shouldn't expect to become new people when the new year begins. Nemko addressed the topic of turning new year's career resolutions into reality while taking part Friday in AOL Jobs' weekly "Lunchtime Live" series.

Instead of hoping to become a new worker, it's better to "fine tune" certain habits, he said. One example he gave was making sure to answer all e-mails within 24 hours. "The way in which you reprogram your brain is repetition," he said. "As corny as it sounds, saying three times a day, 'I don't want to kill my career, answer within 24 hours.' ... it becomes hard-wired in your brain."

Nemko discussed more useful tips in the chat, as well as trends in the jobs market -- such as the sectors that he thinks will add jobs in 2013.

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