Rosie O'Donnell Slashes Price on 'Ganja Church' Home in Miami Beach (House of the Day)

Rosie O'Donnell home in Miami Beach
Rosie O'Donnell home in Miami Beach

Rosie O'Donnell is one of a kind. She's not only inimitably hilarious, but she's the only celebrity we know who's quirky enough to have bought and renovated the former headquarters of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church (a purported marijuana cartel that claimed to be its own religion in the 1970s).

Not that you can tell. The mansion in the Star Island neighborhood of Miami Beach, Fla., has been completely remodeled since its glory days, now looking every inch the celebrity pad that it is: marble floors spanning 11,000 square feet, soaring wood-paneled ceilings, an aquarium, a spiral staircase, a beige stucco finish and lush landscaping. The actress and former talk show host has just dropped the home's price to $17.5 million -- from the $19.5 million it listed for when it first hit the market in May 2012. We're not sure why O'Donnell's home hasn't sold yet -- with its quirky "ganja church ' past, celeb associations and awesome location -- but our pals at Curbed have an interesting explanation: some "potheads" probably cursed the place.

Lana Bell of Sunny Realty has the listing.

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