Offensive Combat unleashes its FPS firepower on the land of FarmVille

Offensive Combat
Offensive Combat

Some of the minds behind Call of Duty have done the unthinkable: brought a hardcore shooter game to Facebook. Known as U4iA Games, the developer's debut game, Offensive Combat, is now available on the social network for all to play. The studio claims that Offensive Combat already has 500,000 active players, and a presence on Facebook could only boost that number.

"There's no better platform than Facebook to seamlessly connect with your friends and play our game. We have already seen six-fold active user growth in a limited test over the holidays," U4iA Games co-founder and CEO Dusty Welch said in a release. "Hundreds of millions of gamers are clamoring for competitive gaming action they can play with all of their friends, and Offensive Combat is delivering that experience."

The first-person shooter offers what U4iA says is a "fine-tuned, eSport-level FPS game" complete with skill tree and weapon customization systems to prepare for battle on nine playable maps. And for a limited time, players can invite their friends and both will score extra in-game coins. This is one of the first core-focused games to hit Facebook in 2013. Let the deluge begin.

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