Homeowner Confronts Naked Intruder Choking Pet Rottweiler, Police Say

Naked intruder attacks dog in Florida home, police say.
Naked intruder attacks dog in Florida home, police say.

Of the bizarre home break-in stories that have happened recently, this one tops the list so far in 2013. Early Wednesday morning, a Miami homeowner reportedly awoke to find a naked intruder attempting to choke his pet Rottweiler.

The peculiar fracas happened at around 5 a.m., police said, when the sleeping homeowners were startled awake by their dogs barking. The homeowner got up to investigate the noise, only to find a naked man attempting to choke one of the dogs.

"The homeowner attempted to get this individual's attention," Miami Police spokesman Willie Moreno told NBC 6 in Miami. "He immediately jumped onto the owner and started fighting with him."

At this point the homeowner, armed with a shotgun, reportedly fired it, shooting the intruder in the leg, and then held him until police arrived. The break-in suspect was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where, according to police, he attempted to bite the homeowners, officers and hospital workers and was thought to have been under the influence of drugs.

According to police, the shooting was "justified."

The strange incident joins a slew of other reports of bizarre home invasions in the past 12 months. In January 2012, a man allegedly broke into an 82-year-old woman's apartment in New York, only to snack and play with the Xbox in her living room. In April, an armed man was said to have forced his way into a Colorado Springs apartment, only to fall asleep in one of the bedrooms. In July, an intruder purportedly broke into a Las Vegas man's home and beat him with a toilet lid and wooden guitar. Also in July, a 25-year-old man allegedly broke into a Connecticut home completely naked, and proceeded to bite the homeowner's arm.

There are a number of ways that homeowners can prevent break-ins without installing a pricey, state-of-the-art home security system:

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