FarmVille Penguin Snow Park: Everything you need to know


Over the years, two distinct groups of FarmVille players seem to have emerged. There are those extremely dedicated players that want to have one of everything, and will therefore build every project that comes along regardless of its function, and then there are those players that are fine building things, but only if they have a worthwhile function or purpose. When it comes to the game's new Penguin Snow Park, these players will likely be split into groups once again, as this object has no other purpose than rewarding coins each 12 hours.

The base of the Penguin Skate Park can be placed for free and it has multiple upgrade stages to unlock as you go along. The first building stage requires six Corporate Sponsors, six Snow Machines, and nine Icicle Ramps to complete, with the Icicle Ramps being earned through individual requests send directly to your neighbors. As for the Corporate Sponsors and Snow Machines, you'll need to ask your friends for these items via general news posts placed on your wall. You can also purchase any of these items with Farm Cash, if you'd rather not wait for your friends to help you out.

Once you've finished at least the first building stage in the Penguin Skate Park, you'll be able to collect from the item once every 12 hours to earn coins. As you upgrade through the additional stages, you'll receive more and more coins with each stage. Here's a full rundown of the required materials for each upgrade, straight from Zynga.

Level 1:

  • 6 Corporate Sponsors

  • 6 Snow Machines

  • 9 Icicle Ramps

Level 2:

  • 8 Corporate Sponsors

  • 8 Snow Machines

  • 12 Icicle Ramps

Level 3:

  • 10 Corporate Sponsors

  • 10 Snow Machines

  • 15 Icicle Ramps

Level 4:

  • 12 Corporate Sponsors

  • 12 Snow Machines

  • 18 Icicle Ramps

Level 5:

  • 14 Corporate Sponsors

  • 15 Snow Machines

  • 21 Icicle Ramps

Level 6:

  • 16 Corporate Sponsors

  • 16 Snow Machines

  • 24 Icicle Ramps

Again, each stage rewards more coins than the last, but if you're one of the many FarmVille players that stopped worrying about coins long ago, this may not be enough incentive to actually collect all of these materials. There's no requirement for building this project, so feel free to skip it if you'd like. If you do decide to build it, we wish you the best of luck in earning all of these materials from friends!

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Will you spend the time building this Penguin Skate Park, or will you skip this project and focus your time and effort on other things? Sound off in the comments!