ChefVille 'New Year, New Sauce' Quests: Everything you need to know


Continuing in ChefVille's massive healthy eating event, Bello has arrived in your restaurant with the new Balsamic Stand, a stand that will allow you to collect Balsamic Vinaigrette. This Balsamic Vinaigrette is then used to cook a variety of healthy dishes within the new Healthy Eating Station, and you'll need a lot of it to complete these "New Year, New Sauce" quests. Let's get started!

Stand for Balsamic

  • Place Balsamic Stand

  • Finish Building your Balsamic Stand

  • Tend your Balsamic Stand 1 Time

A single Balsamic Vinaigrette Stand can be purchased from the store for 400 coins. Unfortunately, if you've already purchased one prior to receiving this quest, it won't count for the "Place Balsamic Stand" requirement as of this writing. Either way, the stand requires three energy to unwrap, along with 10 building materials to finish. You'll need five Dressing Dreams and five Balsamic Balms, with the Balms being earned through individual requests sent to your friends. As for the Dressing Dreams, this is earned by posting a general request to your news feed.

After the Stand is built, you can collect from it three times, and will receive two Balsamic Vinaigrettes each time you collect from it. There's no waiting period between each collection, so you can instantly earn six of these ingredients each time you

complete a Stand. You'll receive four Sirloin Beef and 10 XP for completing this quest. You'll also unlock the Spicy Beef Salad dish within the Healthy Eating Station.

The Grapes of Health

  • Ask friends for 7 Bunches of Grapes

  • Give 12 Chef's Services with Garden Salad

  • Cook 2 Spicy Beef Salads

The Bunches of Grapes can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed. Meanwhile, the Spicy Beef Salad can be cooked in the "Basic" stage of the Healthy Eating Station. It requires three Balsamic Vinaigrettes, two Sirloin Beef and two Pepper to cook. The dish takes one hour, and since it's "healthy," it goes towards the overall New Year's Ribbons event. You'll only need to cook the dish once to earn a Ribbon.

Finally, the Garden Salad can be prepared on the Salad Station using four Mixed Greens and two Ranch Dressing. It takes 12 hours to cook, so feel free to use a Spice to speed it up, or simply cook the dish before you know you're leaving the game for some time (like before going to work, school or bed). Since this event requires you to cook so many Caprese Salads in addition to these other dishes, it's best to keep the Salad Station free for cooking those whenever there's a chance you could be coming back to the game and playing. Completing this quest gives you two corn, 15 XP and 10 coins.

Balsamic Varieties

  • Cook with Balsamic 6 Times

  • Cook 9 Times with Romaine Lettuce

  • Serve 8 Veggie Kebabs

If you're looking for ways to use that Balsamic Vinaigrette, look no further than the Healthy Eating Station, which will allow you to use the Balsamic while earning New Year's Ribbons at the same time. Remember, the Veggie Kebabs can be cooked on the Grill using two Tomatoes and two Mushrooms each, and they take just 30 seconds to prepare. As with so many other quests in this Healthy Eating event, this series is timed, with four days remaining on the clock. Good luck!

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