ChefVille 'Don't Stop Now' Quests: Everything you need to know


While many ChefVille players are used to complex timed events when it comes to major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, the newest Healthy Eating event might have enough content to put all of the others to shame. Not only can you now build a Healthy Eating Station that contains new healthy dishes for your guests, but via a new quest series from Ginger called "Don't Stop Now," you can already upgrade this item to unlock more dishes! Let's get started!

New and Healthy

  • Upgrade the Healthy Eating Station

  • Cook 10 Caprese Salads

  • Harvest 10 Onions

Thankfully, cooking Caprese Salads is required for more than one quest in this Healthy Eating event, so if you time it right, you could be cooking the dish for two quests at once, saving time and ingredients in the long run. Either way, a single Caprese Salad takes five Tomatoes, one Mozzarella, and two Pepper to cook every five minutes. As for the Healthy Eating Station upgrade, you can only access the upgrade requirements when the appliance isn't currently preparing a dish, so make sure to send out all of your requests at once, especially before cooking a lengthy dish.

To upgrade the Healthy Eating Station, you'll need to collect five Gym Mats and five Ankle Weights. The Ankle Weights are earned by sending out individual requests to your ChefVille neighbors, while the Gym Mats can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed. When you finish the upgrade, you'll unlock four new dishes, each with three New Year Ribbons to earn. Unfortunately, cooking all of those Caprese Salads is going to take you (and us) a lot of time, but we'll make sure to let you know how to complete the rest of the quests in this series as soon as we fulfill Zynga's hefty demands.

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Have you already been able to upgrade your Healthy Eating Station, or are you still waiting for ingredients to come from your friends? Do you like how large this overall healthy eating event is, or would you prefer it to be a bit simpler? Sound off in the comments!