2013 Image for Employee of the Year

Being disappointed with work or being disappointed with corporate America is really not nothing new. The degree to how much certain members of the public will go to voice their opinion is sometimes funny and sometimes astonishing. Sometimes workers sign petitions. Sometimes they band together. Sometimes they wear shirts or post on blogs and social media sites about their displeasure. Sometimes a bumper sticker or car-window sticker can sum up a feeling the best since this can be seen by literally thousands of people each day the car is on the road.

Many employees and much of the public are highly dissatisfied with their employers. Many employers are also disappointed with their employees, and finding qualified candidates for a job opening is not an assured outcome even with high unemployment rates.

Below is our annual image for Employee of the Year for 2013.

We have a question from the other side of this image… Would YOU really want to hire the owner of this car to work at your company?

This image was taken today in an office parking garage in Houston, Texas.

Employee of the Year 2013
Employee of the Year 2013

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