SimCity Social 'Broadcast Biff Part 3' Quests: Everything you need to know


Biff is continuing his quest for riches and glory in the Broadcast Biff saga in SimCity Social, and we've finally reached the end of this lengthy feature. Part 3 contains three more quests that you'll need to complete within the same seven-day time limit, and we're here with a guide to finishing them off, thanks to the game's official forums. Let's get started!

Go for the Head Shot

  • Have a 2-Star Biff TV Building

  • Start 8 Jobs

  • Film your TV Pilot

The 2-star upgrade to the Biff TV Building requires eight Sets, 18 Advertisements, 18 Cameras, four Animal Actors and five Extras to unlock. All of these can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them flat out with Diamonds. Once you unlock the upgrade, you'll need to spend 5,000 Materials per click to fully upgrade the building. That's a grand total of 100,000 Materials just for this single upgrade, which throws any "easy" quality about these quests directly out the proverbial window.

As for the Jobs task, you'll need to start these with workers inside the University feature. Finally, the TV Pilot can be filmed inside the Biff TV Building itself. If you can complete this quest, you'll receive 10,000 Materials.

Cult Meets Cute

  • Build 5 Homes

  • Have 3 Animal Actors

  • Collect from Biff TV Building 1 Time

The five homes can be of any size, so long as they're built. As for the Animal Actors, you'll once again earn these by asking your friends to send them to you. Finally, the Biff TV Building is available for collection once every six hours. It's worth quite a few Simoleons on each collection, so make sure to collect from it every chance you get, whether it's required for a quest or not. Once you finish this quest, you'll receive four Animal Mascot collectibles.

Biff Bows Out

  • Have a 3-Star Biff TV Building

  • Buy Diamond Encrusted Collars

  • Wrap Filming on Day of the Doggy Dead

By this point, Biff has had it with TV production, so you'll need to complete just three more tasks before putting this quest series to bed. The final upgrade to the Biff TV Building requires 12 Sets, 25 Advertisements, 25 Cameras, eight Animal Actors and 10 Extras to unlock. From there, you'll need to spend a whopping 10,000 Materials per click to fill the upgrade bar. In total, you'll spend 250,000 Materials on this single upgrade. If you're planning things ahead of time and get scared by this requirement, feel free to skip out on completing this final quest. You'll receive just 15,000 Simoleons for completing it, which definitely isn't worth the Materials required in such a short amount of time. If you do try to complete all of these quests, we wish you the best of luck!

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What do you think of these final requirements in the SimCity Social Broadcast Biff event? Do you have enough Materials to pay for these expensive upgrades? If so, will you actually spend them, or will you continue to save them for future things? Sound off in the comments!