Finally, someone makes a drinking game of Nintendo Land [Video]

Nintendo Land drinking game
Nintendo Land drinking game

For anyone that has played Nintendo Land on the Wii U, you already know that it's prime drinking game material. Hell, chances are you and your alcohol-addled buddies have already created a buzz generator out of the party game. (No doubt you still have drinking game rules for Wii Sports and Wii Party.) But if not, the fine, funny folks at The Warp Zone have done the work for you.

But consider yourself warned: These three drinking games, a collection which The Warp Zone has coined "Nintendo, Hand Me Another Drink Land," is for only the most seasoned of binge drinkers. You know, what with the copious amounts of chugging light beer and putting back shots, we're surprised these guys made it through this very video. For the lightweights out there: How about we just take a swig every time we take damage?

[Via Kotaku]

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