Liquor Store Clerk Loretta Banister, Convinced Not To Quit, Acts To Save Co-Worker's Life During Botched Robbery

If George Bailey had never been born, all the people on that transport would have died. And if Loretta Banister hadn't stayed on for a final shift at work, her co-worker might have faced a similar fate.

Banister was planning on quitting her job at Red Carpet Liquors in Jeffersonville, Ind., on Saturday, but the owner -- her sister -- persuaded her to stay on for a final shift that night. That was lucky for her fellow clerk, Patel Kamleshkumar, after he was shot three times by an armed robber at the store, reports WAVE, the local NBC affiliate.

Banister was just leaving the stockroom when, she said, she spotted a gun pointed over the store's counter at Kamleshkumar and a deep voice yelling "Give me the money." Kamleshkumar doesn't have a full grasp of English, she said, in explaining that he might not have understood his assailant's demand.

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Banister heard four "pops" as the gun fired, with three of its bullets entering Kamleshkumar. "I'd seen the blood coming out of him," Banister told the station. "I'd seen one of the bullet holes that was in his stomach and the blood that was coming out."

She called 911 and pressed the store's panic button, and paramedics soon arrived, whisking Kamleshkumar away to a hospital. He had surgery, and is now reportedly in stable condition.

"I guess there was a reason I had to be there, you know, because if I wasn't there, he wouldn't have known what to do or he could have just laid there," Banister told the TV station.

The police have surveillance video and are still seeking the attacker. Banister now has a whole new reason not to go back to work.

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