FarmVille Freak Sneak Peek: FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm

FarmVille Enchanted Glen
It's a brand new year, and here's a special sneak peek of FarmVille's first destination farm for 2013! FarmVille Fairy Glen will be FarmVille's ninth farm (not including mini-farms). It is set in the the delightful world of FarmVille Enchanted Glen filled with fairies, trolls and other fanciful fairy tale doings.

We have to say we are much more excited about this farm than the last destination FarmVille farm, the holiday themed farm of Mistletoe Lane that although it was new still felt like we already had a farm for that purpose (Winter Wonderland). The Fairy Tale theme in FarmVille has been done over and over again, but we love the idea of having our very own FarmVille farm dedicated the enchanting and magical world of fairies and folklore.

Here's a compilation of the unreleased information and images of FarmVille Enchanted Glen all in one handy place. We will update this guide as more information rolls in. Simply click on a subject to visit the original complete FarmVille Freak post that has more details and images:

FarmVille Enchanted Glen Preview: Sneak peek to FarmVille Enchanted Glen!

FarmVille Enchanted Glen Basics

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Stay tuned for more exciting FarmVille Enchanted Glen coverage throughout the week!

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