CityVille New Year's Resolution: Everything you need to know


A new year means new resolutions for things that we'd like to change or accomplish in this new calendar year. Just as we can make resolutions in the real world, so too can your citizens make resolutions in CityVille, which is exactly what's happening via the appropriately named "New Year's Resolution" event. This event comes in three parts, with each part seeing you upgrading a different part of your citizens' lives: Environment, Friends & Family, and Health. Let's take a look at each!

Each of these three items is represented by its own bar in the New Year's Resolution menu, and each bar comes with milestones that will reward you with prizes once they're reached. We'll start with the Environment bar, as an example. To fill this Environment bar, you'll need to collect from or use items that deal with the environment. In this case, these are things like the Seed Market business (which costs 45 City Cash in the store), and the New Leaf, Late Bloomer and Grass Roots Greenhouses.

As you use those items, you'll unlock points in the Environment bar, with your overall goal being to earn 100 points. When you earn 25 points, you'll receive 200 Goods. Reach 50 points and you'll receive 50 XP, while 75 points gives you 10 Zoning Permits. Finally, if you can reach 100 points, you'll receive the grand prize for just this section, a special themed building.

The other two portions work similarly. For the Friends & Family bar, you'll need to simply ask friends for points by posting a general request to your timeline. As for the Health bar, this one is filled by "Burning Calories." To burn calories, you'll need to collect Spinach and Exercise items. Spinach is earned by actually harvesting the crop within your game, while the Exercise points are earned by tending Health-related buildings. These are items like the Community Pool and Yoga Studio, which can both be purchased in the store for coins.

If you can finish either of these extra bars, you'll receive individual prizes along with your XP, Goods and Zoning Permits, but if you can completely fill all three bars, you'll receive the grand prize: the Zen House. Again, this event will only be available for a month, and you can feel free to purchase points in any stage with City Cash if you'd rather not risk running out of time. Good luck!

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What do you think of these three bars and the ways you earn points? Are the rewards worth the effort in your opinion? Sound off in the comments!

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