ChefVille 'Fit for the New Year' Quests: Everything you need to know


If you needed any additional indication that Zynga is all about getting healthy (virtually, at least), look no further than the third quest series in ChefVille's new Healthy Eating Station event. Colby wants you to cook a ton of healthy dishes in his "Fit for the New Year" trio, and we're here with a guide to finishing them off! Let's get started!

Let's Get Healthy

  • Cook Healthy Dishes 15 Times

Healthy Dishes are available in many of your appliances, from the Salad Station to the Oven and beyond. You'll just need to look for the brand new green leaf symbol next to a dish to know if it's "healthy." Thankfully, you don't have to serve these 15 dishes, as you just need to "cook" them to count for the quest. That being the case, feel free to cook lengthy dishes that you just so happen to have the ingredients for without worrying. Finishing this first quest of three gives you a Baby Chick Statue for your restaurant.

Let's Get Healthier

  • Cook Healthy Dishes 15 Times

No, you're not seeing things. The second quest in this series has the exact same requirement as the first, as you'll need to cook 15 more healthy dishes, regardless of the dish, in order to complete this quest. Again, you can find dishes that are considered "healthy" by the green leaf icon, and you can cook the same dish multiple times in a row if you'd like. You can also cook dishes inside the Healthy Eating Station to earn progress for this quest, and Ribbons for the overall event at the same time! Completing this second quest gives you a "Two Baby Chick" statue.

Fitness Finale

  • Cook Healthy Dishes 40 Times

As with the two quests above, you'll need to just keep cooking dishes with the green leaf in order to earn points. You can keep track of your points via the green leaf bar in the top right corner of the gameplay screen, but don't worry too much about earning points. As you complete the many other quests in this event, you'll be forced to cook tons of healthy dishes, so reaching 40 should ultimately be no problem. These quests will only be available for five days, so start cooking fast if you want to win all of the rewards available!

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