The Sims Social: Start your new year with free gifts


While most free items in The Sims Social are presented loudly and proudly by Playfish on the game's official Facebook fan page, the first true prize of the new year is actually relatively hidden. As it wouldn't be right to keep this prize to ourselves, we're here with a guide on claiming your free "Kyd's Winter Polar Bear" for your Sim's pad!

The "Kyd's Winter Polar Bear" is only mentioned briefly on the game's fan page on Facebook, and even then, it's only presented as a "Free New Year's Gift." This is surrounded by posts about free collectibles and branded cross-promotional items, so it's easy to assume that this Polar Bear is just another one of those sorts of items. In fact though, this cute little Polar Bear is worth 150 Simoleons, and it adds $100 in Home Value to your pad. It doesn't come with any interactions for your Sim, but it does hold a "2013" sign to remind you of the occasion.

You can claim your free Kyd's Winter Polar Bear for a limited time by clicking on this link. If you go after the Polar Bear on your own, you're looking for a post on the fan page with the image at right. Since we can never have too many free things, keep checking back with us as we'll let you know when the next freebie promotion launches within the Sims Social!

What do you think of this cute Polar Bear item? Will you keep it out all year, or just until winter ends? Sound off in the comments!