FarmVille 2 Prized Chicken Coop: Everything you need to know


Before the changes to the Prized Animal feature in FarmVille 2 that made prized animals grow more slowly, players filled their farms with tons of Prized White Chickens, as they grew in a flash. If you're still holding onto many of these Chickens, but would like to reclaim some space on your farm, you can now place and build the Prized Chicken Coop for free.

That's right, this Prized Chicken Coop can be found for free under the Buildings section in the store. You may not receive a pop-up telling you to place this building, however. Once you place the base of the Prized Chicken Coop, you'll need to complete two building stages to finish it. The first stage requires standard item collection, as you'll need to ask your friends for eight Chicken Bedding, eight Nails and eight Wood Planks. All three of these groups of items are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors.

Once you finish the entire Prized Chicken Coop, you'll be able to store up to nine Prized Chickens inside it at once. Once you store a Prized Chicken, it actually adds one animal slot back to your original population, so that you can purchase additional animals for your farm afterwards. That is, if you have 20 animals, but store nine Prizes Chickens, your animal population would drop from 20 to 11, and you'd have room for nine more animals on your farm. What's more, you can feed all nine of these Chickens for half of the feed total required normally, and your animal Feed capacity will get a +25 boost.

Obviously, this is an absolutely wonderful addition to the farm that's well worth the time and effort that goes into building it. Not only will you have a place to store your excess animals, but you'll free up space for more animals, will save on Animal Feed in the long run, and will be able to store more Animal Feed in the first place. What are you waiting for? Build your Prized Chicken Coop as soon as you can.

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What do you think of this new Prized Chicken Coop in FarmVille 2? Have you already started working on yours, or do you simply not have enough Prized Chickens to make it worth the effort? Sound off in the comments!