This handy infographic looks back at the year 2012 in casual gaming

Conan ObrienIn the year two thousand ... and 12. (Moving right along.) You know, looking back ... 2012 was kind of a crazy year in games. That's especially so in casual games on all platforms. The folks at Dungeon Rampage creator Rebel Entertainment have gathered a handy dandy infographic that touches on all the landmarks moments of last year in the world of casual games, many of which cross path with not only the gaming world at large, but the pop culture world on the whole.

Remember when Atari started making social and mobile games? Or how about that time when Words With Friends became a board game? Other notables from the year in which the world was supposed to end include when the Angry Birds series reached 1 billion downloads, Zynga saw its first insider trading lawsuit and Amazon--of all companies--released social games. A crazy year indeed.

What was your favorite moment in casual gaming from 2012? What do you expect to see in 2013? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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