FarmVille 2 Alps Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


As we continue our look at the Alps theme in FarmVille 2, which began with a guide to the themed items released in the store, we're now ready to examine the three themed crafting recipes that have been released in the Crafting Kitchen. As usual, some of these recipes are technically premium, but regardless of their ingredients, all three will only be available for a limited time. Let's get started!

The first recipe is the Braided Sugar Beet Bread, which can be crafted using one Batter and 14 Sugar Beets. Batter is a crafting recipe itself requiring Flour and Eggs to create (Flour is made with Wheat), and a Batter is worth 290 coins. The Sugar Beets, meanwhile, are the free crop in this theme, available to plant for 34 coins per square. They're ready to harvest in just one hour, so if you have a large stockpile of eggs or wheat, you could produce a lot of this Bread in a relatively short amount of time. A single Bread sells for 1,350 coins, and you'll receive 10 XP for creating it.

The second recipe is Apricot Briancon Tart. This is created using one Batter and five Briancon Apricots. Again, the Batter is a crafting recipe that's worth 290 coins itself, while the Apricots can be earned from the Briancon Apricot Tree that's available to purchase in the marketplace for 12 Farm Bucks. If you don't wish to purchase one of these trees for yourself, you still have a chance to earn these Apricots by tending the trees on your friends' farms, if any of your friends happen to splurge on the at least one of these trees. The Tart itself can be sold for 1,410 coins, and you'll earn 10 XP for each one you create.

The Final recipe is the Bunder Nusstore Tart, which is another premium recipe. It requires two Flour and six Swiss Pine Cones to create. Flour is made by combining four units of Wheat, and it's worth just 90 coins. Meanwhile, the Swiss Pine Cones are earned from this theme's other limited edition tree, the Swiss Pine Tree. This tree costs another 12 Farm Bucks to purchase in the store and it can be harvested every 12 hours. The same rules apply to this tree, as you can harvest your friends' Swiss Pine Trees for a chance at these Pine Cones, but of course, you'll need a friend to purchase the tree first (if you don't want to purchase one yourself, that is). This recipe gives you 1,470 coins when sold, and 11 XP when created.

All three of these recipes will only be available for 26 days, while the themed items in the store will be around for only 19. If nothing else, it's worth planting the Sugar Beet if you like collecting mastery signs, since you'll earn extra coins on the side for creating its themed Bread. Are the other two recipes worth spending the Farm Bucks on these premium trees? That will ultimately be up to you, but my guess is no.

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What do you think of the recipes and items in this Swiss Alps theme? Will you spend Farm Bucks to unlock these limited edition trees and recipes for cooking? Sound off in the comments!