CityVille Eternal Spring Greenhouse: Everything you need to know


While there might already be a few ways to create or otherwise "earn" Premium Goods in CityVille, wouldn't it be easier to simply grow crops that produced these Goods when harvested? Apparently Zynga thinks so, as it has released the new Eternal Spring Greenhouse to our game. We're here with a guide to this new Greenhouse, which will let you figuratively grow Premium Goods right in your city. Let's get started!

Spice It Up!

  • Place and Complete the Eternal Spring Greenhouse

  • Harvest 50 Poblano Chilis

  • Ask friends for 10 Heat Lamps

First things first, the Heat Lamps can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed. As for the Eternal Spring Greenhouse, its base can be placed for free via this goal, and it requires 10 energy to build. From there, you'll need to collect 30 items to finish its construction: six Glass Sheets, six Sprinklers, six Thermometers, six Bug Zappers, and six Fertilizer. Everything but the Sprinklers can be earned via a combination of individual requests sent to your neighbors and general news posts on your wall. The Sprinklers can be earned by tending a variety of crops, from Ginger and Raspberries to Eggplants and Potatoes. If you ever forget which crops count, just click on the "Collect" button in this Eternal Spring Greenhouse window, and you'll see the list of matching crops.

Of course, once you build the Eternal Spring Greenhouse, you'll be able to use it to harvest Chilis, which can be planted for 56 coins per square. They're only available in this Greenhouse, so obviously, completing its construction should be your major focus if you're looking for a new way to earn Premium Goods. For reference, when you complete this goal, you'll receive 50,000 coins and six Sprinklers.

While you can grow Poblano Chilis as soon as you've built the Eternal Spring Greenhouse, you can also upgrade the building through to Level 3, unlocking more crops for planting along the way. Some of these crops cost City Cash to plant, like Elephant Garlic and Organic Rhubarb, but the others are available for coins. Prickly Pears, for instance, are available in the Level 2 stage of the Greenhouse, while Starfruits aren't available until Level 3. There's no time limit on these quests, so feel free to take your time building this Greehouse if Premium Goods don't concern you. If you're like us, you've got a ton of other things that still need building as well.

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Are you going to work on building your Eternal Spring Greenhouse right away, or do you need to finish other things in your game first? Do you think you'll ever use this extra source of Premium Goods, or do you earn enough from other methods already? Sound off in the comments!